Code of Conduct

Everyone should understand that participation in ClojureBridge means agreeing to the Code of Conduct:

Bridge Foundry Code of Conduct

We seek to create a community of software developers that are reflective of the diversity in the general population. To that end, we are dedicated to creating welcoming and friendly learning environments.

All participants agree to the following:

Impact matters more than intent: If you didn’t realize that your behavior would have a negative impact that is your responsibility. Problems happen when we presume that our way of being is ok with everyone, when we assume that our way of thinking or behaving is the norm. This is particularly problematic when the other person is less empowered or is a member of a minority group.

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Whom to contact

Do you have Code of Conduct concerns, questions or actions you want to discuss?

Please contact Julie S. Mike at 651-269-3680 or